As is getting closer we have (nearly) finalized our board of contributors – looking forward to an exciting and informative exchange of ideas and knowhow at netaudio conference. We want to announce a temporary program, subject to change… Some more participants might be joining… Please keep in mind that parts of the program are supposed to be held in German language, other parts are held in English (or maybe Hackney slang also…)

Estimated Party Lineup
Where to find your favourite artist

We are pushing and pulling through the timetabel, shaking it all up and down, stirr it and… get puzzeld out of the game. There will be some further changes – but most of the artists and times are confirmed. To be absolutly sure not to miss your favorite artists we’re afraid you have to go through the whole program
Program structure


21-22 h Opening Ceremony
22-05 h Party
with international netaudio artists


12-20 h netaudio.lounge
Presentation and networking of
European netlabels
Downbeat-/ Minimal artists

13-20 h netaudio.knowledge.fair
new technologies & new thinking
workshops, discussion, lectures

13-07 h art.of.creation
netaudio- & related arts

23-08 h party
with international netaudio-artists
(3 venues)


13-16 h netaudio.sunday.brunch
networking of European netlabels with brunch
(accredited participants only)
Dub-/ Ambient artists

16-17 h Closing Ceremony
perspectives for netaudio.2008

16 – open end: Afterhour
@ Secret Location

program details


13h00 Session 1: Netlabel Practice
Mogwai []
Kreislauf – Vom Club zum Netlabel [mp3]

Volker Tripp [iD.EOLOGY netlabel]
Challenges for Netlabel-Heads [mp3]

14h00 Session 2: Netaudio Festival & Future
Andi Studer
Netlabels: An Alternative Approach in Music Production? [mp3]

Matthias Reinwarth [TonAtom netlabel]
Netaudio – The Future of Music? [mp3]

15h00 Session 3: Netaudio Networks & Culture
Antina Michels

Netlabels – Soziale Netze On- & Offline [mp3]

Florian Grote
Networked Organization of Music Cultures [mp3]

16h00 Session 4: Law
Markus Beckedahl
Creative Commons: Licence Models
Lars Twelmeier [jurawerk]
Urheberrecht – Creative Commons vs. GEMA?

Main Discussion

Netlabels between Arts, Culture and Commerce

17-18h30 Confirmed Podium Guests: Florian Grote, Matthias Reinwarth, Christoph Geissbühler, Markus Beckedahl
Moderation: Timor Kodal, Antina Michels



13h00 Traktor Scratch with DJ Freshfluke (Native Instruments)

14h00 Podcasting with Markus Koller & Christoph Geissbühler [Starfrosch]

15h00 Ableton live with Dankmar Klein

15h30 Self-recorded sounds in electronic music with Dr.Nojoke

19h00 Music Production made easy with Aroma