LabelSymbiont Music
StyleAmbient, Chillout, Experimental
WebsiteSymbiont Music

Many styles, but all of them are made with that kind of flavor. Maybe it’s the’symbiont-sound’ or just the music influences over the past few years.

My first steps in the world of sounds were started by artists like ‘Nena’ and ‘Depeche Mode’. I bought vinyl’s at the age of eight, including ‘Underworld’ and ‘Janet Jackson’. After few years I started learning the piano. Not the usual classic stuff, more into blues and soul. After performing some jam-sessions ala Jerry Lee Lewis (tried to), I bought my first keyboard.

The ‘Yamaha PSR-400′. A small sequencer, some brilliant sounds (for that time) and a lot of fun, but all just for hobby. In 1993 I installed a 4-channel-tracker on my 386SX 16MhZ with ‘Soundblaster’ 8bit soundcard and started doing remixes of common dance tracks by Torsten Fenslau for my personal needs only. Dirty 8-bit 22khz samples and strange detuned noises. In that time I learned a lot about electronic music, putting chords learned from the piano to the tracker.

After 2 years I changed to ‘Fast Tracker’ by ‘Triton Productions’. I will always love their demo ‘Unreal’. Over the next few years I did some releases in Demo-Scene groups like ‘!Fact’ and ‘Radical Rhythms’.

In the year 1997 I released my first Vinyl-EP on ‘Neuropol’. The style was kinda Detroit, Chillout and Drum´n´Bass mixed. With Atomiza on the EP and other tracker productions, I found another great musician who did styles I wasn’t able to do at that time.

Together, we developed our music tastes and arranging techniques. In 1999 I worked for some time at the studios of ‘Cyborg DMP’. They produced act’s like ‘Captain Hollywood’. That was my first real experience using studio-equipment and mastering techniques.

Today I’m doing a lot of multimedia and internet productions. Music and Graphics.

I’m not that involved in any typical style of music. Most common are Ambient and Chillout, but I try to use many different styles for a new design in sound.