Under Electric Shock

photo by roberta fiorito
LabelStomafunk | I
Stylemelodic techno

Andrea , a.k.a Under Electric Shock, born in 1985 in the south of Italy, he’s been interested in music since he was 12. Having contributing as bass – player to the birth of some bands voted to the electronic experimentation, with some great performance in local festivals, he gets used to his brother’s turntables.

Attending Mr Jeff Mill’s show at The Old River in Caserta when he was 16, he starts thinking about how he can mix the eclectic rhythms and sounds of Detroit techno scene with London Acid. From this point onwards, his will to experiment and his constant search for originality take him to discover James Holden, his border community, and all the great artists behind this , his constant source of inspiration.

After having DJed for a couple of years, looking for a space where he could express himself, he decides it was time for a change, to look for a better cause, to be able to experiment without limits. His forced choice was Bologna, a dynamic and evolving city, which has made and is still making history of the italian underground electronic music. He makes his first steps as a producer in 2003, trying to put his ideas in music, to be able to fully express his vivid creativity.

Only some time later, realising his need to get always better in order to develop his unique production technique, the first releases come: a three tracks ep with the german netlable Polytone, which gathers very good press by fanzines specialised in free-electronic-music.

Stomafunk Records project, his personal digital label, sees the light in the same period.

With the precious help of Natural Electronic System, his goal becomes giving his personal contribution to the development of techno melodic and mental sounds, strictly introspective.

The first three relases and the increasing success among clubbers and field experts are the result of his work.