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Artists @ Netaudio.Berlin.2007


a drop of dew, bright and transparent,
tired of her insomniac night falls through the groove of a leaf and dives to the infinite,
she frees my mind, eases my spirit and gives inspiration,
a sensation of lightness covers and allows me to be a small note of the music
that rises all around,
a short breath, and I lose myself while thinking,
… silenzio!

Born in Turin (Italy), Silenzio is a net label based on the idea of interactions between music and nature. The platform wants to promote artists related to electronic music, digital video art and the stream of innovation that has such a deep influence on it. Its purpose is to release and spread those ideas, thoughts and projects that an artist wants to communicate with his sensitivity and talent. Both music and visual arts that interact to create a vision that is unique, but also elastic, with no constrain, always ready to evolve to create a new form of communication, all for free and protected by Creative Commons.

The concept of Silenzio comes from the mind of Step, dj producer and promoter in Turin for many years. He developed his interests in electronic music and came to think about an open space which could avoid the rules of production and distribution of pure artistic voices, giving an access to all the people interested in it, with a simple but wide expression of art.