LabelPulsar Records
StyleDeep Minimal House
Pulsar Records

In the salad days of his youth, teaMore discovered his unconditional indulgence for music, and after having started playing the piano at the tender age of 9, he increasingly exchanged sheets of music and piano with computers, keyboards, synthesizers and sequencers over the years.

After having kicked off with progressive trance and intelligent techno, teaMore had an intermediate stop in (deep-)house and has been into producing techhouse and minimal henceforth. Due to his function as labelhead of Pulsar Records and co-founder of Netlag, he has become a passionate activist for free music in the web and organiser of numerous parties within the Berlin techhouse/minimal-scene.

He played in so many clubs, like in Berlin: haus13, sternradio, raw, mfe, komaF, nalepastraße, sageclub, hoppetosse, hangar, zmf, alte weberei, polarTV, senatsreservenspeicher, kopierbar, zementgarten … London: electrowerks, cafe 1001, Rom: Blueroom, Granada: Sala Quilomb