LabelPulsar Records
StyleTechno, Elektro (with tons of electronic equipment)

Skinnerbox, a two man (Iftah Gabbai (israel) , Olaf Hilgenfeld (Berlin) LIVE ACT founded at summer of 2004, began the project as an Experiment, a try to conquer the streets of Berlin by spontaneously going somewhere, packing out the equipment and log it on to a modified car battery and an old squeaky guitar amp. The mix of the streets of Berlin and improvised Minimal /Techno became their first characteristically recognition. Along the time , while expanding their setup (and their minds) and continuously gaining recognition in Berlins Techno scene, due to their bizarre ravin at public spaces, Skinnerbox has established them selfs as a live act in Berlin. Keeping it tight, yet always improvised and live played. During the Spring of 2007, after three busy years of activity including shows in most of berlins under and upper ground clubs, open-airs and festivals, Skinnerbox has released their set of two debut E.Ps “Pupo de´larosa” and “J.A.B.F.L.A” at the berliner label TonKind. Those two releases, ranging from groovy cold minimalism to distorted analog bastard-ism is a good aperitif to what these two trained musicians with a long past of improvising together are doing in their live shows.