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based in: Berlin | London

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Pulsar Records
Timor Kodal
Dorfaue 9
15806 Groß-Schulzendorf [bei Berlin]

mail [at no spam] pulsar-records.de

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„You can get an earful of of music on Pulsar!”

Pulsar records is a netaudio-forum for electronic music and our claim is “GET YOUR GROOVE ONLINE!” This project has been launched on June 1st, 2004 and we think of ourselves as a music(ian´s)-platform for producers and consumers of sophisticated electronic music. We want to open the internet as a channel of distribution for our musicians and strenghen their interests towards the music-biz.

Furthermore, Pulsar-Records offers a great communication-platform to its members. You can get in touch with other music-addicts, get to know like-minded musicians for mutual projects, vote and comment on other musicians´ tracks and make new friends on this platform.