Norman Fairbanks

LocationLos Angeles / Berlin
Profile @ Pentagonik

“The basic concept of modern media has become a good-looking but highly intransparent arboretum aiming to manipulate your brain in each and every single moment. But there is also a hidden enjoyment within the endlessly absorbed stream of pre-designed information because it unintentionally provides a rich playground for non-contextual audio experiments and ultimately a medium for new art forms.”

Audio conceptualist Norman Fairbanks was born in Los Angeles at a time when it became an ordinary thing that people would use synthesizers of absolutely inacceptable size and weight just in order to create sound. Being too young to appreciate this rising technology he spent his early years living with his familiy in a minimalist villa in North Hollywood which later turned out to be an intellectual sort of ‘post-Hippie’ community inspired by the graying spirit of revolution but at the same time a visionary place for pervasive art in general. Unconsciously the eclecticism of this environment became one of the key drivers for his creative approach which critically combines themes from media, society and politics transformed into a neo-expressionist audio witness and reflection of American culture.

His performance at NetAudio Berlin will especially feature “The Laurence Rassel Show”, a post-feminist radio drama by Terre Thaemlitz and Laurence Rassel, available for free download from Public Record (