StyleMinimal, Techhouse

Born in 1981 Johannes Bergheim grew up in a small German state close to the French border called Saarland. Since the age of 14 he was strongly into early trip hop, nu jazz & dub, which still greatly influence his style today. At the age of 18 Cotumo started exploring more of Germany, when he finally settled in Berlin. Nowadays, Johannes enjoys the Berlin skyline at the rooftop of his new flat there, while discovering more and more of the vast electronic scene around him.

Inspired by artists like Matthew Herbert, Akufen and Metro Area, Johannes began thinking about sharing his music through playing in Clubs. Finding his alter ego Cotumo, he started sampling and mixing with the open source software hummingbird when he became acquainted with Andreas Toelle and Alexander Kothe. In spring 2004 they started a club series called skikt! at the Neue Berliner Initiative (NBI), where he performed live, playing styles from click tech over dub to tech house.

After some months performing weekly at the NBI, Cotumo began playing at some larger events like partys at the WMF, or the Marian’s Days festival. Nowadays Cotumo plays at Netlag, Pulsar, Pentagonik, Klangsucht, Süss&Sauer partys and at a variety of festivals and clubs in and around Berlin. After playing in London in 2006 he is aiming to Wales, Turin and Zuerich. He is also organizing his own party series ‘Club der Dilettanten’ with his cousin, known as µ~, where 15 DJs play 5 of their most loved records.

Besides his DJ acts he is also mixing netaudio releases, for example in his very popular Unfoundsound labelmix, which are broadcasted on deepmix, proton radio, pulse radio, chaosradio, fm4, x-cile, 98eins and many more.