LabelMelenick Session | FR

Who is DJ L’embrouille ? A priori somebody not very advisable.

His history is rather fuzzy. Do some say that he was born in Tibet and that his spiritual search brought him to a rather atypical musical course : crooner in Memphis, biniou’s player in the Loperhet’s bagad and then disc-jockey in the Melenick, mythical bar of the Daoulas area.

Finally, today he does not seem too badly In spite of frequent vexations, his liver and his head, he’s alright. The discovery of digital techniques for the mix changed his approach of things. Eager to acquire legal mp3 (hunting for witches being launched to France), he discovered the netlabel scene.

How is it that he mixes? At the beginning anyhow. Initially, he puts the disc and then fixes it. It’s the school of Plougastel which tried to get some djs out but in vain. His meeting with the Sotony brothers made his style mature: it’s still anyhow but a little less.

And where this guy can be contacted ?
You’ll find his address e-mail adress at his labelsite [Melenick Sessions]. He’s not really overflowed with messages, therefore the reception of an e-mail will always please him.