LocationCologne | Koeln
StyleMinimal Elektro Pop

When a hopeless romantic turns his face into the sun on a bright spring-day with his eyes closed, slipping into a soft daydream, he might just happen to forget about his inclination to melancholy for a moment, shortly feeling not too hopeless anymore. Nostalgia seeps through him, memories from a light-hearted time cross his mind and for a glimpse he feels that the burden of existence has been taken from his shoulders.

Monomatik must have felt this way or similar when working on their third ep on iD.EOLOGY. Even though a certain contemplative undertone can still be made out in their tracks here and there, “Morgen träumen wir gemeinsam” displays a side to the three Cologne guys that many would not have guessed at. The prisms of their indietronic-glasses refract the brilliance of yesterday’s melodic synthpop, the tonal fragments trigger your emotional memory, remindung you of a time when a lightness of being seemed to be present constantly everywhere around you.

Even those who would never label themselves as romantics cannot ignore the magic of such an experience. And then, maybe even they sometimes wish that the daydream will never end.