based in: Cologne (Köln), Düsseldorf, Berlin

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Jörg Friedrichs, Sechzigstr. 12 B, 50733 Köln, Germany or
Volker Tripp, Ackerstr. 3c, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Christian Sierpinski, Heyestr. 9, 40625 Düsseldorf, Germany

Artists @ Netaudio.Berlin.2007

Dual Perception


iD is for identity. iD.EOLOGY is a platform for identities. For iD.EOLOGY supplies artists with an iD in order to offer them a spot of their own within virtual space, an opportunity to publish their material. That’s why our label strives to create a
network, a communication-facility for musicians, graphics-artists, designers, lyricists, listeners and viewers. Simultaneously, the label is a display, offering free access to artistic content, sorted by iDs.

These people are not only forming the label but, more importantly, keep redefining its looks, its sound and its identity with their output. That’s how iD.EOLOGY stays flexible and in the flow.

Adventure the conspiracy!
The iD.EOLOGY staff is formed by:
Jörg Friedrichs (Music A&R / Design / Merchandise / Editor / Promotion)
Christian Sierpinski (Design A&R / Design / Editor)
Volker Tripp (Music A&R / Legal / Correspondence / Editor)
Stefan Hager (Website / Bookings / Promotion)
Christian Gedig (Design / Cover-Artwork)
Silvia Reinl (Cover-Artwork)
Daniel Chamrad (Bookings / Mastering)