Susan Scirom

Styleexperimental chill | ambient

She started her “all-in-one” project SCI-ROM Scientific Romance Musikproduktion in 1991 together with her partner Uli Röß who died in 2004. They had the attitude of doing everything together, share all friends and the whole music producing partnership. They used to live where they produce the music.

Although working on the development of techno, they mainly did live-acts in chillout and ambient spaces, in Berlin (E-Werk, Subground, Non-Tox, Planetarium), in Kassel (Stammheim), in Munich (Labor) using one or two Ataris and both: analog and digital synthesizers.

Since her partners death she started DJing to let the world hear all the wonderful unreleased material of 12 years of productivity – also as a reminescence to a rebel and genius musician… As a DJane she plays abstract electronic ambient and chillout tunes, mainly with own material. These days she released “Spektralschleuse” on Klangwirkstoff.