LabelChew-Z | I
LocationTurin | I
StyleExperimental Elektro-Noise
Websitela mini Fanzine

Eniac aka Fabio Battistetti is a single person and several tools: a computer most of the times, an old casio keyboard and an acoustic broken guitar sometimes… Eniac is not art, is an absolutely free musical expression, rejecting copyright, celebrating collaboration…

Fabio Battistetti was born in Turin in April 1975, works on information technology, hosts an independent music show on Radio Torino Popolare (Quindie and Vinyl Crew) and writes / edits webzine: la mini

Eniac had started playing live in the 1999 and is since that time active on and around the experimental dance floor scene. His live sets usually creates this very special atmosphere, any time different and always evolving new forms of expression.

His collaboration with the Industrial/ Noise Band Sandblasting should be mentioned here also, as Sandblasting has played a few shows at RAW-tempel already, last at the Schlagstrom-Festival 08/2007.