Aromamusic Digital

based in: Berlin

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Petra Schmidt
Engeldamm 26.
10179 Berlin
fon/fax +49(0)30-27593314

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Artists @ Netaudio.Berlin.2007



its house , its techno, its minimal, its nubreaks, its chillout, its wild, its funky, its acid, it got bass, it grooves, its party, its intelligent, its tasty, it got flavour, its wild and its not just one style but its electronic…thats why it is: electronic wildstyle.

aromamusic was first a radioshow named klangmilieu on jazzwelle plus in munich. then some international licences of the radioshow followed but in 1997 the radiomarket changed and aroma moved to berlin, so there was a need for a new media plattform for wild electronic music. thats when the labelidea started. first there was tapes, then vinyl, then compilation CDs and now its getting more and more Mp3s.

aromamusic digital is a sublabel of aromamusic and actually heading for its liftoff.