Netaudio: Labels, Artists & More

In this section you will find out more about the netlabels involved . Just click on the name of a netlabel to get further information about the labelheads, their philosophies and the artists performing at the Netaudio.Berlin.2007 festival.

If you follow the next link you’ll find a complete list of Musicians and Visual Artists. Some live-artists appear not to have released anything on netlabels. We assure you that every bit and bite is either released under the creative commons license or created live during the performance. Check out our Homeless Artists section for more infos!.


After-Dinner (GB)
Antiritmo (E)
Aromamusic Digital (D)
Autist (D)
Chew-Z (I)
Idealtechno (D)
Intoxik (E | D)
Jahtari (D) (D)
Melenick Session (FR)
Mindtours (GB)
Mixotic (D) (D)
Pentagonik (D)
Plusplus (D)
Polytone (D)
Pulsar Records (D | GB)
Qunabu (Pl)
Ruder Records (D) (I)
Stadtgruen (D)
Stomafunk (I)
Symbiont Music (D)
Tonimusic (I)
Tropic (D)
YukiYaki (D)