Berlin Netaudio Festival 2009: venue confirmed

Netaudio Berlin announces that this years’ festival ist taking place at MARIA am Ostbahnhof (MAO). Located directly on the strip where the Berlin Wall once divided the eastern and western part of the city (and just around the corner you’ll find the largest still standing part of the wall), the site perfectly fits not only this years’ “Eats-meets-West”-topic. The venue will give the opportunity to the organizors to run three floors simultanously – which perfectly serves the ideas of a large variety of styles and a large quantity of involved artists. The different sub-areas will also serve as the place for the netaudio fair, arts and performance space and site for lectures and workshops during daytime.

The approximate date is from Thursday to Sunday – either the second or third weekend in October.  Maria is the venue where the Club Transmediale (CTM), Berlin’s highly recognized festival for electronic and experimental musical culture, is taking place annually.

J-Lab playing at netaudio night | CTM_2009 @ Maria

J-Lab playing at netaudio night | CTM 2009 @ Maria

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  1. Dimitris Says:

    J-lab on work, I wont miss that

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