Soundcloud: new online audio platform for professionals

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SoundCloud is a new online audio platform catering to the music professionals enabling them to collaborate, promote & distribute their music. Primarily SoundCloud provides an efficient and simple way for music professionals to exchange music they are working on in private settings allowing for easy collaboration and communication prior to a public release. With SoundCloud the music professionals can easily send & receive large amounts of tracks without cluttering their email inbox, having to make use of generic file sending services or manage their own server. For people who deal with music on a regular basis SoundCloud increases efficiency and improves their work flow by allowing them to focus on the music and not think about the actual files.

The idea behind SoundCloud was born in Stockholm, Sweden after Alexander Ljung & Eric Wahlforss realized that they felt annoyed rather than excited when artists & producers they knew send them pre-views of their new music. After realizing that the available solutions for music professionals to send and receive music was what was causing the frustration while the actual music was something they were excited about they decided to set things right. The aim was to make a service that was simple enough that it would take up less energy from the users and bring back the excitement into sending & receiving exclusive music again.

Once decided they moved to Berlin the following week and set up a temporary office in the conference room of a friend’s office. They were soon joined by other friends and two weeks later the first private beta version of SoundCloud was online and in use for sending & receiving music.

Soundcloud is for invited users only. If you wish to be invited, please leave a message with your artist’ background resp. interest in the work with electronic music.

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