Netlabels and their recognition

Google and Wikipedia should be the best way to see how your internet approach is received by the mass view. Even if netlabels look at a history of more than ten years and may not be split from the internet term like jpg, mp3 or porn, they still need to explain what differs them from P2P on a daily basis. Even if some people within the netaudio scene claimed sellout in 2004 or 2005 and some important labels disappeared, it is still uncommon for most people what a netlabel is and why they are existing. Hopefully the netaudio festival in Berlin resulted in this recent hop into the google trends, but even if not… it looks like we’re finally approaching to some of the wanted audience.

Google Trends: Netaudio

Notice that this is only the google spot for the term. Looking at the Wikipedia entries still shows the lack of information interested people get. Looking at published books on that topic or at the host of words provided by most netlabels, it should not be a problem to gather people to provide useful informations and basic content.

Before you make any conclusions about the google trend thingy – make sure that you test some very well known brands and words for their chart!

Note: We took this blog entry from the blog Subaudible Experience. The Original entry is here.

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