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The air is hot’n’sweaty in the backstage area of the Shunt – the venue underneath London Bridge Station, where this years netaudio festival ist taking place. There’s a small lack of artist wrist bands and free drink tickets – but everything else is perfectly organized and running like a swiss clockwork. In contrast to last years program with lectures, speeches and workshops the 2008 festival is focussing on the art side of free electronic culture. The crew around Andi Studer, head and mastermind of, is also benefitting from the shape resp. interior design of the venue – as well as the artistic networks related to Shunt. In between the musical performances there’s a lot of artistic performances going on, giant puppets are entering the dancefloor and eight to ten arts and sound installations invite the visitors/ audience to dive into the art-ifical world of electronics.dsc00139.JPG

The musical programm is at least as wide as the range of art presentations. The variety includes punk rock concerts, bizzare electronic experiments, house to minimal techno dub, jazzfunk and a lot more genres to discover. Not everything on stage is convincing the curious audience. And the one or other netaudio purist is wondering about the relaxed handling of the musical inclusion of so much non-cc music.

As the organizers explain the whole festival is a dance between different expectations and needs. So they would not have got the possibility to do the festival at this extraordinary venue, if they would’ve not included some of the intentions and artists of the Shunt. To fully understand one have to know that the venue isn’t a club or music hall at all – but instead a place for installations, performances, arts exhibitions etc.


For this reason you might listen to oldschool disco funk hits parallel to strictly free berlin style minimal music at the main floor. As yesterday for example – friday – the day of the festival. A very successfull evening with female groupies entering the stage while Teamore (pulsar records) was performing live – and Cotumo (Pentagonik) was forced by the security to finish his performance (the last set of the night) while the crowd was still dancing like wild.

The highlights for tonight- claimed as THE night – are Steevio & Suzybee from freerotation (Wales) and Berlin-based Dr. Nojoke (Autist/Resopal). Two afterhours are anounced already for sunday – to find out more we’re afraid you’ve to show up for the big last eruption of netaudio 2008 here at Shunt.

For more information visit the website.

Besides the picture-links posted in the last blog (Netaudio Berlin goes Netaudio London): here are some more visual impressions – just follow these links:

Some netaudio & London Pics by Don Ramon
Pictures of A.R.E. Weapons @ Shunt by Russ Garret
Netaudio Festival Pictures by Shokographics
Shunt Impressions [no netaudio!] by miko-la


Keept it rocking!

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