Netaudiofestival 2007 in Berlin – A Gaze In The Mirror

I woke up this morning. Big surprise. There is a day after. The first sound of the day was a croaking noise from somewhere out of the bundel of clothes in front of my bed. It seemed to bear a resemblance to the ringtone of my half destroyed mobile phone. Apparently the little speaker lost his balance and turned the melody into an experimental freaky crackeling cut-up tune. A legacy of the god of chaos which fingertipped our netaudio.saturday with a delightful smile. From the other side of the mirror it looked diabolical…

The worst two hours of the festival began – precisely in time – at 23h on saturday evening – when we realized that one of the three soundsystems for the saturday night dropped out of the festival without a proper farewell… So it took us two long hours from realizing the problem – coming to the final acceptance of not being able to fix it – to bring in and connect a new soundsystem. During this two hours the modern and western hemisphere re-incarnation of Set, the egyptian god of chaos, walked through the artists, organiszers and visitors. And even if we know that chaos is the father of creativity we for sure have to apologize for the unplanned mash-up of the timetable and uncertainty of who plays when and on which floor.

Beside this – and some other smaller catastrophes (we’re still trying to get contact to one of the visual teams which got lost somewhere on this planet) we really enjoyed the three days. The friday evening was a joyfull and warm beginning, saturdays workshops, lectures and the discussions had good response and were visited by really a lot of interested participants, hanging out in the radio show in potsdam was big fun, saturday night was the fucking biggest netaudio-party we’ve seen so far, the sundays brunch was excellent and afterhour lasted till monday morning…

We want to thank everyone who has gone with us through this experience. Ein dickes Dankeschön to the artists for the incredible good performances. (We like to realease a lot of mixes – so please get in contact with us if you have recorded your sets and like to see them released!) Muchas gracias to the intellectual heads of the fascinating and informative daytime program. Merci beaucoup to the VJs and light artists for the powerful visual aspects of the festival. Grazie mille to Jan and Radio Quintessenz for the streaming. Dank je wel to the labelheads for the excellent selection of artists. Tack så mycket to tonAtom for bringing their unique exhibition. And a million kisses to the Londoners for all your help, support and sunny vibrations. Dziekuje bardzo to the RAW-crew – esp. Alex – who did more than we dreamed of (they must be androids for they seem not to need any rest or sleep..). Muito obrigado to the catering crew for the delicious and energetic food supply on sunday. And a miilion thanks for each smile and helping hand.

We promise never to do it again. Until the next time.

** crew**

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