Netaudio Russia announces netaudio festival in Moscow

logo netaudio festival Russia

We have copypasted parts of their press release, taken from the festival site:

The first Russian festival of modern webmusic, named NetAudio Moscow, presents the most interesting national participants from the net: in one place, in one time. This great international idea, started few years ago as NetAudio London, continued next as NetAudio Berlin — now comes to Moscow, with a festival presented by NetAudio Russia, the fresh actual music division of Musica Excentrica label!

The Festival takes place on Saturday,  September 13th, 2008 @ DOM Cultural Centre in Moscow.


K.D. EXPRESSION (Ekaterinburg, Ural Region of Russia)
Sergey Yakimov, also known as SM and Deadline, appears regularly on various ElectroSound releases.

MONOKLE (Arkhangelsk — Saint-Petersburg, North Region of Russia)
Vlad Kudryavtsev and Alexander Kumach passed a long way from minimal idm experiments to full-power electronic and rock music.

AMBIDEXTROUS (Moscow, Capital of Russia)
Nick Zavriev, at the moment, is one of the most experienced and well-known Russian electronic musician, celebrated the 10 years anniversary of his Ambidextrous project this year.

TAIGA (Saint-Petersburg, North Region of Russia)
Taiga is a solo project of Denis Taiga from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Sampladelic experience and ethnic eclectic jazz are the basic lines of Taiga: we can hear a lot of samples from Soviet movie pictures and cassette tapes, mixed with authentic folklore recordings and modern electronics.

VOLGA (Moscow, Capital of Russia)
Angela Manukian, Alexei Borisov and Roman Lebedev have created the most, and the only well-known, in international music area, Russian project, working in folklore/authentic style, connecting together Slavic ancient and national songs and actual electronic tunes.


More Photos, Soundsamples and infos (so far in in Russian language only) at the festival site! In fact the Russian festival is a branch starting parallel to the festivals in London and Berlin. With lasting only 4 hours it’s more likely to be called a labelparty from the Russian Netlabels Musica Excentrica  / Electrosound. Nevertheless it’s good news to see the Russian netaudio-scene developing and the idea of a festival for free netaudio music spreading and growing… So is looking forward for closer cooperation in future days. Go ahead!

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