05. – 07. Oct. 2007
The considerable decline of revenues, which majors and record-stores complain about these days, depicts a severe contrast to the boom in multimedia content being consumed and shared by internet-users all over the globe.

Music and, to an increasing extent video, has become an easily accessible product for everyone on the world-wide-web. However, the internet does not only provide a vast source for users in search of multimedia-content, but it simultaneously has turned millions of people into content-publishers wordwide.

The internet has revolutionized the media-business by the help of mp3, internet-radio, podcasts and peer2peer-platforms, and has paved the way for a very remarkable new development: the rise of the netlabels.

By using the internet as an effective distribution channel for their work, thousands of musicians around the globe are populating a highly dynamic netaudio-scene today, and it is very likely that netlabels will have an increasing impact on the music-market within the near future.

From 5 October to 7 October 2007, the brains behind this new phenomenon, namely labelheads, netaudio-artists, podcasters and other representatives of the digital music business, will gather at the Netaudio.Festival.Berlin. It will be the third in a row of festivals which have been held within the last 2 years (Bern, Switzerland, 2005 and London, UK, 2006) .

Berlin, representing the musical capital of Europe, will host producers and consumers of digital music from all over Germany, Europe and overseas in order to provide a vivid insight into the netaudio-realm. Prepare for a stunning multimedial event with 3 days of netlabelmusic, video, discussions and workshops.

During daytime, a pool of international attendees will present an outlook into the present and the future of netaudio with discussions, workshops and lectures. The netaudio lounge will provide space for netlabels and companies presenting their creations, addressing the expert public and curious newbies alike. At night, the visitors can convince themselves of netaudio-music being club-compatible while attending a long series of first-class netlabel-djsets and numerous live-performances.


Pulsar Rec | Pentagonik | After-Dinner (GB) | Metroccolis | Tropic | Polytone | Tonimusic (I) | Mindtours (GB) | Ruder Records | Intoxik | Idealtechno | Mixotic | | Autist | Symbiont Music | Plusplus | ID.EOLOGY | Stomafunk | (I) | No Response | Stadtgruen | Chew-Z | YukiYaki | Qunabu (PL)

DJs & LiveActs:

Alex Fisher | Andi Sparks | Andreae | Aroma | Blackwall | Charles Tone | Chris Box | Cotumo | D.Soul | Disrupt | L’embrouille | Dr Nojoke | Dreher & | Dual Perception | Dusty | ED:2000 | Eniac | Hatti Vatti | Item No | Jerando | J-Lab | Johannes Beck | Klartraum | Lineas de Nazca | M. Rueter | Martin Donath | Mary Jane | Micronaut | Mogwai | Momomatik | Norman Fairbanks | Patrick diStefano | Q-Man | Sammy | Scaff | Schenkelgold | Skinnerbox | Steevio | Step | Sven Laux | Symbiont | TeaMore | Titta | Toni Oskari | Under Electric Shock

Discussions/ Lectures

Volker Tripp [iD.EOLOGY netlabel]
Challenges for Netlabel-Heads

Matthias Reinwarth [TonAtom netlabel]
Netzklang – The Future of Music

Markus Koller [starfrosch fm]
Podcast Workshop: Netlabels Between Arts, Culture
and Commerce

Antina Michels
Netlabels – Social Networks On- & Offline

Ben Griffin [This Is Not Art | Australia]
The Future of Internet Radio

Florian Grote
Networked Organization of Music Cultures

Andreas Gebhard [new.thinking]
Creative Commons: Licence Models

Andi Studer [Netaudio.London.2006]
Netlabels: An Alternative Approach in Music Production?

Lars Twelmeier [jurawerk]
Creative Commons & German GEMA

… and more

Program structure

Fr 21-22 h Opening Ceremony
22-05 h Party
with international netaudio artists
Sa 12-20 h netaudio.lounge
Presentation and networking of
European netlabels
Downbeat-/ Minimal artists
13-20 h netaudio.knowledge.fair
new technologies & new thinking
workshops, discussion, lectures
13-07 h art.of.creation
netaudio- & related arts
23-07 h party
with international netaudio-artists
(3 venues)
Su 13-16 h netaudio.sunday.brunch
networking of European netlabels with brunch
(accredited participants only)
Dub-/ Ambient artists
16-17 h Closing Ceremony
perspectives for netaudio.2008

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