Netaudio China

In the midst of the international focus drawn on China, we found some Chinese related netlabel stuff here: a radio show of the Belgium-based netradio netlabelism is called “Netwaves: made in China”. Check also the various other shows of the netradio – you’ll find some real treasures, weird aspects and  styleful blossoms of international netaudio…  made in China


01. 3pm – Zenlu
02. Ideal of Maoism – Red Unit
03. Sunset – Red Unit
04. Reds in FarEast – Red Unit
05. Sweet – 48V
06. bamboo room – Blue Lotus Dream
07. I Want to China – Chikiss
08. danger signal – Double Fish
09. chao phraya express – Blue Lotus Dream
10. The ghost of cartoon monster – Chapi Chapo & Les Petites Musiques de Pluie
11. Firecrackers – Red Hot Wok
12. 1 – Siba

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