Fragmentation of netlabels by music genre

Italian most active netaudio-blogger Eldino recently posted a graphic of the music genres which are covered by netlabels. He generated the image above with a simple Songbird-plugin. The chart is based on an analysis of ca. 270 netlabels and 38000 tunes. Besides one can discuss the shaping of the categories  (Industrial / Noise / Ambient, Noise / Ambient, IDM / IDM are maybe not the most senseful categories…) the third wich is categorized by “other” leaves further question marks… Still it is a nice tool – so one might install it and offer a more objecitve survey over the fragmentation of styles and activities of the netlabel community. If your knowledge of Italian is better than ours – you might get further infos by following th linkt to the original blog entry.

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  1. eldino Says:

    thx for linking. This is not very “senseful” because it’s a first attempt to do some stats about netaudio scene. A new post (in english) with “more senseful” stats will be published 19th november. The “other” category will be detailed. Stay tuned to my blog ;)

    Note: I doubt there is somebody that owns more netaudio music than me (316 Gbs)and better tagged then mine in the World, but if i’m wrong, I’d be very curious to read his stats ;)


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