Contributors & Topics

As is getting closer we are on our way to finalize our board of contributors for exciting and informative exchange of ideas and knowhow at netaudio conference. We want to announce that there will be

discussions/ lectures held by the following (anticipated) participants:

Volker Tripp [iD.EOLOGY netlabel] Challenges for Netlabel-Heads [enquired]
Matthias Reinwarth [TonAtom netlabel] Netzklang – The Future of Music [enquired]
Markus Koller [starfrosch] Podcast Workshop: Netlabels Between Arts, Culture and Commerce
Antina Michels Netlabels – Social Networks On- & Offline
Ben Griffin [This Is Not Art | Australia] The Future of Internet Radio
Florian Grote Networked Organization of Music Cultures
Andreas Gebhard [new.thinking] Creative Commons – Licence Models [enquired]
Andi Studer [Netaudio London 2006] Netlabels: An Alternative Approach in Music Production? [enquired]
Lars Twelmeier [jurawerk] Creative Commons & German GEMA [enquired]

We would be honoured by participation of the following experts (further infos yet to be announced):

Janko Röttgers [Journalist]
Markus Beckedahl [new.thinking]
Mogwai [kreislauf fm]

The conclusive form of presentation at netaudio festival has still to be arranged. Some parts will be held in German other in English language. More Infos coming – watch out!

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