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Call For Entries is closed

Montag, den 1. Juni 2009

The Call for entries for the 2009 netaudio festival is closed now. We are truly thankful for the enthusiasm becoming visual by language and form of so so many entries – and also we have never expected such an incredible participation. During the next weeks we will sight the proposals and try to figure out [...]

Call For Entries: Netaudio Berlin 2009

Mittwoch, den 8. April 2009

Dear musician, netlabelhead, netaudio enthusiast, creative mastermind, visual aesthete and free thinker…
From the 8th to the 11th of October 2009, we are again gathering the international netaudio community for a 4 day festival and conference in Berlin. The event will take place at Maria, a venue which is situated immediately on the former Berlin Death [...]

Berlin Netaudio Festival 2009: venue confirmed

Montag, den 16. März 2009

Netaudio Berlin announces that this years’ festival ist taking place at MARIA am Ostbahnhof (MAO). Located directly on the strip where the Berlin Wall once divided the eastern and western part of the city (and just around the corner you’ll find the largest still standing part of the wall), the site perfectly fits not only [...]


Mittwoch, den 4. März 2009

Hey folks, it’s again time to announce the next netaudio festival in Berlin. After 2007’s great rock’n’roll experience we’ve overhauled our engine, gathered the crowd and scoped out the next destinations! We’re still in the process of figuring out the most interesting highways and dirt roads of music, sounds and electronic arts that are produced, [...]

netaudio Berlin & London at CTM_09

Donnerstag, den 29. Januar 2009

The party is over – for this moment. The Netaudio Berlin and London crews introduced different aspects of netaudio to the audience of Club Transmediale. A day of experiments.
Afternoon: Andi Studer of Netaudio London and labelhead of After-Dinner Rec. is invited to take part in a discussion panel of this years’ daytime program of [...]