Artists, Djs & More v.0.8

Dear Electronautz,
we know you’re greedy to know who’s turning the bits’n'bites into hypnotic rhythms and driving beats at As the board of artist is slowling forming its shape it is time for a first turn of the tab … for something like namedropping… But be sure that we’ll be having some extra spins to splash further artists into the pool of
Watch out!

DJs & LiveActs:
Cotumo (Pentagonik | Pulsar Rec.)
Q-man (Mixotic)
J-Lab (Metroline | After-Dinner)
Alex Fisher (After-Dinner)
TeaMore (Pulsar Rec | LGM)
Charles Tone (Pentagonik)
Andi Sparks (After-Dinner | LPG)
Mary Jane (LPG)
Eniac (Chew-Z)
Corin (Ruder Rec. | Dangerous Dreams)
Manami N
Mogwai (Kreislauf.FM)
Dr. Nojoke (Autist | Antiritmo)
Doc.Ma (Idealtechno)
Norman Fairbanks (Pentagonik)
Robert (Idealtechno)
Dusty (Intoxik)
Johannes Beck
DJ L’Embrouille
Hatti Vatti (Qunabu)
DJ Mitch (DeepInDub)
Item No (Pulsar Rec.)
Steevio (Mindtours)
Lineas de Naszca (Eintakt)
Dreher und (Pulsar Rec. | Acker | LGM | Rotary Cocktail)
M. Rueter (Pulsar Rec. | Tisch)
Under Electric Shock (Polytone | Stomafunk)
Jerando (Pulsar Rec.)

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