Monatsarchiv für Oktober 2008

Netaudio Berlin @ Resonance FM Fr. 07.11.

Donnerstag, den 30. Oktober 2008

At the festival Nina from webradio interviewed some of the Berlin attendees – Raimund & Don from and Cotumo & Dr. Nojoke as exponents of  the Berlin netaudio artist crew.  You might tune in and listen on Friday 07.Nov.2008 at 00:30 am:  Netaudio ’08 Highlights on  Enjoy!’s final

Samstag, den 25. Oktober 2008

The air is hot’n’sweaty in the backstage area of the Shunt – the venue underneath London Bridge Station, where this years netaudio festival ist taking place. There’s a small lack of artist wrist bands and free drink tickets – but everything else is perfectly organized and running like a swiss clockwork. In contrast to [...]

Netaudio Berlin goes Netaudio London

Mittwoch, den 22. Oktober 2008

A large delegation of artists & activists have just entered the secret and mystical world of the festival. In the caverns, halls and archways at the Shunt – an arts & music center under London Bridge Station – various musical installations, arts performances and – of course – loads of netaudio tunes just [...]

Digital Phlow Radio Show: feature

Samstag, den 18. Oktober 2008

The Spain-Germany Podcast Connection | Monday evening: mo. [phlow magazine] has turned on two laptops, started Traktor, Skype, his mixer and midi-mixers and than… Click!, you hear how a microphone gets turned on, the trailer rolls in and with some more mouse clicks Cologne/Germany is connected with Calella/Spain via datacable. Welcome to the netaudio radioshow [...]

Creative Commons | Video Campaign

Samstag, den 18. Oktober 2008

As announces yesterday, there’s a new and incredibly well-made short film about CC, entitled “A Shared Culture”.  You might visit their website to watch the film, directed by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Jesse Dylan (who also directed “Yes We Can” – the Barack Obama campaign video collaboration with rapper are also “officially and enthusiastically” [...]