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Participants Netaudio.Berlin v.0.8

Mittwoch, den 15. August 2007

less then two months to go to Time to present a first list of participants of our festival. As life always has a diabolic smile in its pocket, entries may change or will be added to this list perspectivly.
So watch out!
After-Dinner (GB)
Antiritmo (E)
Chew-Z (I)
DeepInDub (I)
Metroline Recordings (GB)
Mindtours (GB)
No Response
Pulsar Records
Qunabu (Pl)
Ruder Records
Runsounds (GB)
Tisch [...]

Artists, Djs & More v.0.8

Mittwoch, den 15. August 2007

Dear Electronautz,
we know you’re greedy to know who’s turning the bits’n’bites into hypnotic rhythms and driving beats at As the board of artist is slowling forming its shape it is time for a first turn of the tab … for something like namedropping… But be sure that we’ll be having some extra spins to [...]

Peter Jenner – Die Zukunft des Urheberrechts

Montag, den 13. August 2007

Filmisches Interview von NetzpolitikTV
Peter Jenner war Manager vieler grosser Künstler, darunter Pink Floyd und The Clash. Mittlerweile macht er sich intelligente Gedanken über die Zukunft des Urheberrechts im digitalen Zeitalter. Daher freut es uns, dass er fast eine halbe Stunde lang in dem Interview zu verschiedenen Themen wie der Ausweitung von Urheberrechten, DRM, der Kriminalisierung [...]

Contributors & Topics

Freitag, den 3. August 2007

As is getting closer we are on our way to finalize our board of contributors for exciting and informative exchange of ideas and knowhow at netaudio conference. We want to announce that there will be
discussions/ lectures held by the following (anticipated) participants:
Volker Tripp [iD.EOLOGY netlabel] Challenges for Netlabel-Heads [enquired]
Matthias Reinwarth [TonAtom netlabel] Netzklang – [...]